Will Brexit result in robot workers?

British voters shocked the world in June 2016 by voting to leave the European Union.

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A momentous decision.

Lots of debate surrounds this momentous decision, none more so than the potential for a resulting workforce shortage across the country. Everything from such industries as farming, restaurants, bars, cafés and anything customer facing could be hit hard as we withdraw from the EU and its policy of free movement.

Combine the impending worker shortage with the artificial intelligence revolution and perhaps a ground-breaking story is set to unfold? A new worker experience could be on its way to a business near you, thanks to AI.

Collaborative robots – cobots for short – are smaller, more cost-efficient AI robots than those already in use across UK factory floors. Gone are the days when a catering fridge telling you the temperature of the goods inside were good or bad was enough to be considered artificial intelligence. Cobots are essentially an extra arm, helping to speed up those repeatable tasks of moving A to B within the workforce chain repeatedly.

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What’s next? Ask Siri

With the surge in home AI talking devices, how long will it be before we are speaking to AI over the phone? Would you really know if you were talking to an AI being? Can they be intelligent enough to answer all our questions? Should we ask Siri? You would recognise if the latest AI technology was serving you at your new local bistro, but could you really tell over the phone and are you bothered about this soon-to-be reality?

Imagine that you are looking for commercial refrigeration and catering consumables. You call a supplier such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/catering-equipment and an AI being answers your call. They engage with you in all their refrigeration offers, answering all your questions pleasantly – there is no wrong side of the bed for them! They advise on prices and technical details, and they don’t require lunch.

Studies underway to confirm impact.

Several studies are underway to take a more substantial look at the economic impact of Brexit across the UK.

Will Brexit result in robot workers? Only time will tell. Whether you sit on the side of welcome or caution, what an evolution we are seeing. AI is coming, so enjoy the ride!