What you should know about jumping castles

Jumping castles commonly known as bouncy castles have become widely used by most households and even corporates during special events. You will find them in most of the modern marriage receptions, fundraising events, church bazaars, kids’ parties, social braais and family get-togethers.

Recent research has concluded that jumping castles can also provide a form of therapy to children that have special needs. It will help them to learn hand-eye coordination, balance and even fortify a muscle structure which is underdeveloped. You should, therefore, have a jumping castle hire company contact number in your phonebook.

The children should use a jumping castle under the supervision of an adult. This is because it does not have a stable surface and therefore kids that are not sturdy on their feet might end up being jumped into the air and landing can sometimes be difficult. As you probably know, the jumping castle will get damaged by sharp objects and therefore you should ensure that there is none of that when kids are using it.

Make sure that your kids do not use any food or drink when playing inside the jumping castle. This will prevent instances where they get can get chocked when jumping up and down in it. You should ensure that the small children do not get to jump at one time with the older kids. The bigger children obviously have more power and will, therefore, jump higher and land harder. You obviously do not want any of them to land on your baby!

Did you know that excessive motion and strong winds can cause the jumping castle to move from its original position? You can easily prevent this by anchoring it firmly to the ground. You should ensure that the pegs have been sunk deep into the ground and that the ropes are tied tightly. This will prevent the jumping castle from tipping over or moving from where you placed it.