Top Myths about MBA

Graduating with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a recognized institution is usually a dream come true for many individuals. It calls for self-drive, commitment and hard work. The advantages of doing an MBA are many, and this leaves people pushing hard to at least achieve this notable reward. However, there are myths associated with earning an MBA. Without saying much, here are top myths you will find people reciting while pursuing your dream education.

  1. Anyone can graduate with an MBA

The sad truth is that an MBA isn’t for everyone. Although many people argue that pursuing an MBA is a walk in the park, it’s not true. As said earlier, enrolling in the program requires total commitment and self-drive, qualities that many people lack.

  1. All MBA schools are legit

Many individuals insist that all institutions offering MBA programs are excellent. Well, a good number of institutions are legit. However, the sad part is that some schools are fake or not certified by the relevant government bodies.

  1. MBA rankings aren’t necessary

Like in other academic levels, your MBA rankings do matter. Say, for instance, achieving high rankings in a distinguished institution is a bonus. Scholars with more top MBA rankings are more likely to get reasonable job offers and salaries as opposed to those with lower ranks.

  1. Acquiring an MBA means a better career progression

Don’t let the world lie to you, earning an MBA doesn’t translate to a better career progression. Attaining an MBA creates an opportunity for a better career, but doesn’t guarantee a job. Getting a job calls for your effort and hard work as the job can’t come looking for you.

  1. MBA courses are expensive

Many people believe that pursuing an MBA is quite costly, which shouldn’t be the case. It’s wrong to consider an MBA program as an expense. It’s advisable to treat the program as an investment since the benefits that come with earning the MBA are countless.