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Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc is a family owned, family operated corporation. We have over Twenty years of experience in the ergonomics field.  We specialize in Desktop Organizers, LCD Monitor Arms & Mounts, LCD Wall Mounts, LCD Track Mounts, LCD Pole Mounts, Multiple Monitor Mounts, Multiple Monitor Stands, LCD Desk Mounts, Laptop Arms, LCD Mobile Carts, POS Mounts, and much more. We have combined our talents along with our connections to give you, the customer, the finest selection of quality mounts and computer accessories at the best price. We pride ourselves on our customer service skills and treat everyone with the respect that they deserve.   We sincerely want to earn your trust and your business. We are continuing to search for new products to bring to you. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us, and we will assist you in finding it.

We have a large selection of Desktop Organizers / Quick Reference Organizers to keep important and frequently used information handy and at your fingertips. These Desktop Organizers are great for secretaries, receptionist, schools, 911 call centers and medical offices.  We have 10 Pocket Desktop Organizers, 20 Pocket Desktop Organizers, 30 Pocket Desktop Organizers and 40 Pocket Desktop Organizers.  Our selection includes Freestanding Reference Organizers, Clamp on Quick Reference Organizers, Rotary Desktop Organizers and Wall Mount Reference Organizers.  These reference orgnaizers are designed to give you qick access to information when you need it.  Our quick reference organizers have easy to load display pockets that open at the top and side for fast loading of information and it keeps your documents secure, clean and in place.  Our reference organizers will help get rid of the clutter from your desk and keep important information clean and organized and in one location.
With our selection of LCD Monitor Arms & Mounts you can find exactly what you need regardless of your mounting applications.  We carry long reach LCD monitor arms, as well as Compact LCD Monitor Arms.  Our LCD monitor arms have been around for a lot of years and have a proven track record.  You can find our monitor arms in use today in hospitals, restaurants, fortune 500 companies, clinics, schools, homes and offices around the world.  LCD monitor arms not only enhance the ergonomics of your workstation but are a terrific multiple user application.  
We carry a wide variety of LCD Wall Mounts to meet all your LCD wall mounting needs.  In our selection of LCD wall mounts you will find everything from compact LCD wall mounts to wall mounts that can extend your monitor reach to 3 feet.  Our LCD wall mounts are fully functional and asethetically pleaseing to look at.  
Our selection of LCD pole mounts allows you to mount your VESA standard LCD monitor in a variety of configurations onto a pole. We offer everything from our Compact LCD Pole Mount, for use in space confining situations to longer LCD pole mounts that will extend your LCD monitor arm, they are ideal for dental operatories, clinics, and healthcare, office, schools, clinics, hospitals and warehouse environments. 
At Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc you will find one of the largest selections of LCD Track Mounts on the net.  Our LCD track mounts provide an alternate way of mounting your LCD Monitor or small TV.  Our sliding LCD track mount is 32” long and you can add multiple sliding tracks for longer runs.  With our track mount you can also mount keyboard trays and laptops.
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc has a large selection of POS mounts.  These Point Of Sale mounts are ideally suited for retail POS systems and restaurant POS systems.  Our selection includes fixed height POS Mounts and Adjustable Height POS Mounts.  Our point of sale mounts will enhance your checkout or kiosk station.  Our selection of POS mounts are fully functional and asthetically appealing.  We have rotating POS Mounts, Compact POS Mounts and tll POS Mounts.
Our selection of TV Ceiling Mounts is designed to mount small TV / monitors all the way up to a 70” LCD TV.  This selection includes compact TV Ceiling Mounts to TV ceiling mounts with a 78” long pole.  LCD Ceiling Mounts are ideal for retail applications, restruants and sports bars as well as home and conference rooms.  Our adjustable ceiling mounts allow you to hang your TV or monitor at the perfect height for the most comfortable viewing.  Get that custom look at afordable prices and start getting the most out of your LCD TV.
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc has a variety of TV Wall Mounts to choose from.  Compact TV Wall Mounts, Rotating TV Wall Mounts and TV mounts designed to hold your TV over 24” from the wall.  These TV wall mounts are great for digital sinage and are aesthetically pleasing to look at.  Our TV wall mouts are an excellant choice for digital signage and advertising.  TV Wall Mounts are great in the home, office, sports bars and restaurants.
We also have a variety of Multiple Monitor Stands and Mounts.  We have LCD monitor mounts and stands to mount 2 monitors, mount 3 monitors, mount 4 monitors and mount 6 monitors.  Our selection of LCD multiple monitor mounts for mounting multiple monitors includes; LCD multiple monitor stands, and multiple monitor mounts that have proven to be a cost effective way to increase productivity and help solve ergonomic issues in the workplace.  When your able to place multiple monitors at the correct focal point and height you can help reduce eye strin along with neck and shoulder strain.  Multiple monitor mounts have proven to be a cost effective way to increase productivity and improve the ergonomics of a workstation at the same time.  Weither your looking for a freestanding multiple monitor unit or a sliding track mount for mujltiple monitors, we have you covered.
We have a very large selection of Laptop Stands, Laptop Arms and Laptop Track Mounts.  These laptop mounts are designed to optimize your comfort when using your laptop or notebook computer.  A lot of these laptop stands come with cooling fans and USB hubs.  Our laptop stands are manufactured by Aidata.  We also have a large selection of Laptop Pole Mounts and Laptop Wall Mounts to choose from.
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc carries a very large variety of iPad Stands, iPad Air Stands, and Universal Tablet Stands. We carry iPad stands that fit all 4 generations of iPads and will fit most tablets from 7” to 10”.  These iPad and tablet stands hold your computer safely and securely in place. Our iPad stands are lighweight, portable and easy to use.  
If you’re looking for a Mobile Workstation, you’ll find it in our mobile workstation section.  We have mobile laptop carts, mobile computer carts and mobile LCD carts.  These mobile carts are ideal for home, office, hospitals, clinics, banks, schools, universities, radio stations and TV studios. Our mobile workstations are made from a variety of durable material including steel, aluminum and ABS plastic. Some of our carts are available with 4” medical grade casters for smooth and easy rolling. 
We have a good selection of Keyboard Mechanisms and Keyboard Trays.  Mount one of our under desk keyboard mechanisms and one of our Keyboard Trays along with a Desktop Organizer / Quick Reference Organizer and truly enhance your workstation or desk.  
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc has a very large selection of Lobby Furniture and Waiting Room Furniture.  Choose from Oak Chairs, Benches, Sofas, and Magazine Tables.  You can choose from many different fabric materials, and wood stain colors.  Our lobby furniture is commercial grade and ideal for hospitals, clinics, medical offices, dental offices, conference rooms and most commercial venues.  Our hospital and lobby furniture is easy to assemble and no tools are needed.  All of our furniture is made in the USA and constructed of solid red oak sides and frames.  Each component is pre finished before assembly to ensure an even finish in all the nooks and crannies.  
We carry a large variety of Ergonomic Office Accessories and products.  Our Copy Stands, document holders, and book holders allow you to keep information to be copied at the correct focal distance and height to help ease eye and neck strain.  You can choose from metal arm copy holders, weighted base copy stands, and curved copy holders.  Our Copy holders and copy stands are manufactured by Aidata and go well with a Quick Reference / Desktop Organizer.
We also have a variety of CPU Mounts and CPU Holders.  These CPU mounts securely hold your CPU in place and out of the way.  Choose from CPU Wall Mounts, CPU Pole Mounts, or Mobile CPU Holders.  These CPU mounts allow you easy access to your CPU for scheduled maintenance and upgrades.
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc carries a variety of Foot Rest to help make you as comfortable as possible while setting ay your workstation. These foot rest range from adjustable foot rest, gliding foot rest, to rocking foot rest. If you have to be at your desk for long periods of time, you might as well be as comfortable as possible
Choose a Mouse Pad or Wrist Rest from our large selection of gel filled wrist rest and gel filed mouse pads. Using a wrist rest will help reduce the repetitive stress that is placed on your wrist while you are typing, and is a cost effective ergonomic solution. 
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc has a large assortment of Keyboard Trays, Keyboard Track Mounts,  and Keyboard Mechanisms.  Use a keyboard mechanism to place your keyboard in the best ergonomic position for easy typing and reduce the strain on your wrist, palms and fingers. Our keyboard mechanisms offer you a choice of versatility, from our Advantage Arm that is designed for the physically challenged keyboard user to the Cobra Tilt A Wheel, that provides dynamic tilt adjustment by turning a soft touch wheel.   Our keyboard trays and platforms come in a variety of lengths and styles.  All of our keyboard trays and keyboard mechanisms are manufactured by Weber Knapp.  
You can gain more desk space by moving your telephone off the desk and onto one of our Telephone Arms or stands. Our telephone arms will allow you to swing your telephone out of the way when not in use and easily swing it back into place when that important call comes in. These telephone arms are easy to install, simply clamp the phone arm to the side of your desk or workstation.  Keep a Desktop Organizer close to your phone stand and always have key informnation at your finger tips.
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc has a large selection of Audio and Video Cables and Connectors. We carry quality, top of the line HDMI cables for your HDTV, Monitor Cables, Speaker Cables, Surge Protectors, Power Centers, Instrument and Microphone Cables, Play Station 3 Cables, Xbox Cables, Y Cables and Splitters and Ca5E Cables. We carry most of the popular lengths from 3 feet to 100 feet in length.
Ergonomic Business Solutions, Inc will always strive to bring you the best in ergonomic office accessories from top manufactures like Aidata, Atdec, Wooden Mallet, Weber Knapp, Sallas, and CTG.