Delivery application from your mobile device

Application of service delivery is the easiest way while having your mobile or even any network device. Using a click you get all delivery Jakarta transport services you need and in all the surrounding provinces. The mobile device has simplified ways of having your items channeled to their right destination.

Downloading an app

You need to have an installed app in your phone. It is difficult to get ahead without the right app in your mobile. You get it from Google or the apple stores. You may also use the web app a feature that you can use to download from any place you are.

The particular place

You need to enter all your required information for easy explanation to the office people. Select the type of vehicle you will need to use. Identify the place where your goods are to be taken and the final place you need them delivered. It is important to include location of where the goods are and their final place where they should be.

The particular vehicle and the services

Choosing a vehicle remains to be your choice. You may get some advice on how the vehicle operates and the extra services they have. You can select your timing preference and even an early booking. Each vehicle has its tasks to do so you are given the chance to choose from the fleets of vehicles.

You are given guidance

This is after estimating your commodities and trying to get the right vehicle that will deliver your items. The management tries to fix you with the right driver in a few minutes. You are given the driver contact and all the details you need for your delivery. The driver keeps time according to your application request. You are guided well on everything that you need after all your request.

The tracking accessories

As a client who has chosen these services, you get the right to know how your items are being transported. You know this using a device that tracks each place the vehicle passes. You can also communicate to the main office if you need any assistance.

How the mobile application has succeeded

The mobile app has made a lot of success to every client who chooses to deliver goods using this method. It has connected a lot of parties who require delivery services. It has helped from the downloading of an app to the final digital signature from your receiver.


The app download is the easiest way you can get delivery services across all the provinces. It has made the process easier and readily available for anyone who requires these services. Get to know each and every step that you are supposed to follow then you will smile after using the delivery services.