6 extra ways of improving your call centre performance

Call centres are a key part of many business operations but it’s important to do all you can to ensure effective performance. Here are some more tips to ensure you keep your call centre on track.

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1 Review your metrics

Performance metrics are a vital tool for call centre management, but it’s important to have the right ones and to review them regularly. Call handling times, for example, tell you nothing about whether the call has achieved a positive outcome. Many enterprises now want to use customer satisfaction, sales and other things to measure performance – https://www.callcentrehelper.com/the-top-10-most-important-contact-centre-metrics-30432.htm.

2 Better desktops

The desktop used by agents is a key part of the call centre. If it’s too complex this can lead to slow response times and increased training costs. As part of switching to an international VoIP wholesale provider to cut your call costs, you can also take the opportunity to provide a streamlined, simplified desktop. There’s even the opportunity to use predictive systems to recommend actions.

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3 Hire the right people

It may sound obvious, but staff are the most crucial element of a call centre. When looking for new recruits you need to set your criteria carefully as specific technical skills can often be less important than customer skills. The former can be taught, the latter are harder to come by.

4 Difficult problems

There will inevitably be questions or problems that your call centre staff can’t deal with. In these instances they need to be able to refer customers to experts elsewhere in the business who can resolve the problem.

5 Cut out waste

Using an International voip wholesale provider is a good way to reduce your call costs and streamline your operation. But there are other things you can do to boost your call centre’s efficiency. Reducing the number of unnecessary calls is one of them. By eliminating avoidable calls your service agents can spend more time on the remaining ones. How do you do this? Find the root cause of recurring problems and solve them at source is one example or make information readily available online or in documentation.

6 Teamwork

Building a team spirit can help to produce a more effective call centre. Hold regular team meetings and get everyone involved so that they feel part of a strong group.